About Green Living

Green Living represents a simple, alternative, creative way of life.


Kid's Club

Teach your children the beauty of the outdoors while stimulating their knowledge


Eco therapy

A unique opportunity to be inspired, nourish your creativity, connect with yourself, others and with nature.


About Green Living

Green Living represents a simple, alternative, creative and sustainable way of life. Amongst the hustle of our daily schedules, we understand how easy it can be to lose track of underlying obligations like eating healthy and enjoying the finer things in life. Green Living was created with the purpose of spreading awareness around the benefits of living a healthy life within a natural environment.

We need to spend more of our time away from our screens and find ways to let nature balance our lives. Spending valuable time in nature will help increase feelings of well-being and a creative frame of mind.

Our activities, both for school children and adults are held at Vincent’s Eco Estate in Mġarr – a unique natural estate that offers the best outdoor experience for you and your child.

Together, through our summer and winter eco programmes, we will do numerous creative crafts under trees, understand the benefits of nature and how we can use these at home and participate in educational workshops.





Kids Club

After School & Summer Club Activities

In the Woods

Our kids after school programme offers not only a peaceful outdoor retreat for children to unwind after a day at school, but a jam-packed programme of creative and educational activities inspired by nature and free play. November to May from 1pm to 5.30pm – Monday to Friday.

Our summer club program gets kids outside and connects them with nature! It takes place entirely outdoors. Time outside in real nature is the motivation behind everything we do. Our aim is to encourage kids to connect with their wild selves and investigate the world of nature. The Green Living Summer Club will run from 1st week of July to 2nd week of September between Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

An Exclusive and Unique Opportunity

Our After school & Summer Club allows children to explore in nature and offers just the right mix of fun and hands-on learning. It will be a long lasting education experience and will give the children chance to view their worlds and their life in a much more positive, healthy and responsible way.

Ages 3-5

Every day promises new nature adventures filled with hands-on experiences, with traditional activities such as games, crafts, cookery and drama.  Each week has a unique theme to encourage learning and exploration of outdoors.  Our program aims to encourage curiosity and discovery in the natural environment.


Ages 6-8

Every day will be a nature themed day with goals to nurture an awareness and appreciation of the environment.  The program fosters teamwork and mutual respect for others.  The program promotes agricultural opportunities and learning experiences for children to explain how we affect the land and how it affects us. We offer workshops in Gardening, Life Skills, Cookery, Woodcraft, up-cyling, Benefits of herbs, Fitness, Pilates, Dance and Music. 

Ages 9+

While students work hard to get good grades, many still struggle to gain employment. At Green Living we are looking at developing key entrepreneurial competences with focus on the ability to self-manage, solve problems, understand the business environment & work well as part of a team. Workshops for this age group include: Gardening, cooking, nutrition, edible wild plants, herbs for healing, survival skills and how to build a hut in the woods, Yoga, Kickboxing, woodcraft & clay making.

Homework Club – Your child can focus on homework in the fresh breeze of the trees.


How does it work for Winter?

Book your weekly hours depending on your needs and schedule. We can give you all the flexibility that you need. After school activities start from November to May, from Monday to Friday 1pm to 5.30pm. Rates for after school activities for children at €4.00 per hour.

Download the After school Winter Programme: Green Living A4 brochure online

Terms & Conditions apply.

How does it work for Summer?

Download the Summer Club Programme: Summer Club 2021

Summer programs are out. For bookings and more information kindly contact 79013634 or info@greenlivingmalta.com

Terms & Conditions apply.

Eco Therapy Workshops for Adults

The awareness to go green and adopt a healthier lifestyle for our families is indeed a growing reality. Yet sometimes it may seem overwhelming to adopt sustainable practices at home especially on how to teach our young generation to respect the environment, eat good wholesome foods and enjoy the outdoors.

Green Living is offering workshops for adults , helping us make small steps that are gradually transformed into big changes in our daily life. The quicker we change, the quicker our world will change.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Our unique program offers adults the chance to recharge and connect with other like-minded adults while being inspired by a highly qualified, caring and dedicated team. You will be walking away full of new and intriguing skills, using gardening, nutrition & creative skills as a pathway to a happier and healthier lives for you and your family.


Our Workshops

  • Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates at €11 per person  (minimum 5 persons)
  • How to grow fruit and vegetables in pots
  • How to use herbs for beauty, cleaning and healing
  • Vegetable Awareness
  • Healthy Meals & Lunch Boxes
  • Intuitive Art
  • Up-cycling

Sessions at €15 per session. ( 1 hour to 1.5 hour depending on session)

Take a look at our current Adult Well-being Sessions Schedule here.

Benefit from an overall 10% discount when you book more than 20 hours per month for adult and child combined.

Team Building Programmes available upon request.

Join us for an exciting environmental education experience for grown-ups in the peaceful surroundings of Mgarr. The program features workshops on How to grow your own veg at home; gaining better health eating the right foods; how to make safe & effective home-cleaning products; Woodcraft, Yoga, Tai Chi, Fitness, Pilates, Kickboxing & Permaculture. Classes are typically one or two hours in duration spent outdoors.

Nature Eating Green Living Retreat

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