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About Green Living

¨"The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky." Margret MC Millan


Kid's Club

"Outside, quiet children start to talk more and children who find it hard to sit still begin to relax."


Eco therapy

"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us." Jenny Uglow.



About Green Living

Green Living represents a simple, alternative, creative and sustainable way of life. Amongst the hustle of our daily schedules, we understand how easy it can be to lose track of underlying obligations like eating healthy and enjoying the finer things in life. Green Living was created with the purpose of spreading awareness around the benefits of living a healthy life within a natural environment.

We need to spend more of our time away from our screens and find ways to let nature balance our lives. Spending valuable time in nature will help increase feelings of well-being and a creative frame of mind.

Our activities, both for school children and adults are held in Mġarr – a unique natural estate that offers the best outdoor experience for you and your child.

Our programs are designed to get children, youths & adults back to nature and restore a sense of balance that has sadly been neglected due to the influx of electronic media, video games, hectic schedules and community breakdown. This is where the fast pace of society is replaced with hands-on experiential learning, team building and family bonding, all with the aim of understanding the benefits of nature and how to adopt these in our daily lives.


Our Green Living Kids Club – a great alternative to preschool









Parent & Toddler Club



Parents can attend at all times.

Our education at Green Living is a mix of what is practiced in Montessori schools and Waldorf Steiner schools. Our young ones are educated together in mixed age groups, irrespective of social background, abilities and vocation. Parents can attend at all times and accustom the children in having a slow introduction to let go of the parent and eventually being dropped off.

Together, through our Summer & Winter Programmes, we will do numerous creative crafts, outside learning, understand the benefits of nature, as well as playing under the trees and understanding the benefits of nature.

Time For Parents to Connect – You will have the opportunity to sit together with other parents while your kids are close by. A perfect way to get them used to spending time with their peers and away from the parent. Tea and coffee is also served.

This will take place from October to June from 9am to 5pm in an age group from 6months to 5 years for a minimum of 2 hours.



Afternoon Kids Club & Homework Club

Kindergarten Summer camp MaltaOur Afternoon Kids Club offers not only a peaceful outdoor retreat for children to unwind after a day at school, but also offers a jam-packed programme full of creative and educational activities inspired by nature and free play. 

Every day will be a nature themed day with goals to nurture an awareness and appreciation of the environment.  The program fosters teamwork and mutual respect for others.  The program promotes agricultural opportunities and learning experiences for children to explain how we affect the land and how it affects us. We offer a Homework Club together with workshops in Gardening, Life Skills, Cookery, Woodcraft, up-cycling, Benefits of herbs, Fitness, Dance and Music.

Certificates of Attendance will be given to those who participate for a minimum of 70% of the period.

Period: October to June

Open:   1pm to 5pm

Ages:    All ages

Duration:  Minimum 2 hours


Seasonal Kids Club

Homework Club MaltaFor when the kids are not at school, seasonal kids clubs for all ages are organized for Carnival, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

Every day promises new nature adventures filled with hands-on experiences, with traditional activities and crafts focused on each season. Unique themes are introduced to encourage learning and exploration of outdoors.  Our programs aim to encourage curiosity and discovery in the natural environment.



Period: Open on all school holidays (including mid-term)

Open:    9am to 2pm

Ages:    All ages

Duration:  Minimum 4 hours



Summer Kids Club

Preschool Malta ImageOur summer club program gets kids outside and connects them with nature! It takes place entirely outdoors however perfectly shaded with our majestic tress and shading structures put in place. The summer camp Malta Europe takes place outside in real nature and this is the motivation behind everything we do. Our aim is to encourage kids to connect with their wild selves and investigate the world of nature. The Green Living Summer Club will run from 1st week of July to 2nd week of September between Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

Period: July to September

Open:        9am to 2pm

Ages: All ages

Duration:  Minimum 2 days for any amount of weeks


Eco Therapy Workshops for Adults

The awareness to go green and adopt a healthier lifestyle for our families is indeed a growing reality. Yet sometimes it may seem overwhelming to adopt sustainable practices at home especially on how to teach our young generation to respect the environment, eat good wholesome foods and enjoy the outdoors.

Green Living is offering workshops for adults , helping us make small steps that are gradually transformed into big changes in our daily life. The quicker we change, the quicker our world will change.


Disconnect to Reconnect


Our unique program offers adults the chance to recharge and connect with other like-minded adults while being inspired by a highly qualified, caring and dedicated team. You will be walking away full of new and intriguing skills, using gardening, nutrition & creative skills as a pathway to a happier and healthier lives for you and your family.



Our Workshops

Classes are typically one or two hours in duration spent outdoors.

  • Yoga or Qi Gong
  • How to Grow your own Fruit & Vegetables
  • How to use Herbs for Skincare or Medicinal purposes
  • Mindful eating
  • How to make safe and effective home cleaning products
  • Intuitive Art 

Benefit from an overall 10% discount when you book more than 20 hours per month for adult and child combined.

Team Building Programmes available upon request.


Join us for an exciting environmental education experience for grown-ups in the peaceful surroundings of Mgarr. The program features workshops such as how to grow your own fruit & vegetables veg at home; healthy foods & mindful eating; understanding the benefits of herbs; how to make safe & effective home-cleaning products. 

Nature Eating Green Living Retreat




FAQ – Most asked Questions


What does a day look like in Green Living Camp?

In the morning we will start with a circle in our pre school environment where children are introduced in the weekly theme-based topic of the week. After this we go to a little nearby area where we are feeding the chickens. After that our kids can play in the mud, experiment with sticks or doing crafts together with the teachers. Our days are lead with organized events but also a lot of free play included.

When do kids arrive and leave the pre school & toddler club camp?

In the Green Living Camps, our days run from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 2:30pm. The after-school club runs until 5pm, separately invoiced.

Do you offer short time enrollment?

Yes we do! For short time enrollment place can be offered on request and availability.

Do you have uniforms?

No we do not have uniforms. We do have a list of items a child needs to bring to the camp. The list of items the child needs to bring on the first day will be send out via email.

What are the fees for the nature forest school camp?

Since we offer a wide choice for parents the prices in the different groups verify from each other. Please contact us for the full price scheme via the “Contact us” section and we are happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Is food provided in the school camp? 

All children will have to bring their own snacks to school as well as enough water. We recommend healthy snacks and encourage parents to avoid sugar processed foods.



Contact Green Living 


If you would like to register your child with us or are interested in a workshop please send us your request via email to or visit us on our Facebook Page

You can also reach us via phone and Whats App:





+356 7901 3634


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